Angelo Dounoucos

Co-pilot flap problem


  The "Z" Spar was installed one inch aft of the correct location.

  Flap end plates are not in correct location.

  Flap cross section is not correct.

Dismantle flap


 Separate the upper skin from the z spar and end ribs.

 Remove the upper skin

 Z spar, end ribs and lower skin will be used in the new flap mold.

Assemble Flap Plug


 Build flap plug with a correct co pilot flap.

 Mount flap on wood frame, build up ends with foam and body fillers.

 Sand fillers and spray paint plug for smooth finish.

Flap Mold Construction


Apply release tape to plug

Build Mold side frames

Make mold ribs, measure and cut glass reinforcement

Co-Pilot Flap Construction


Locate "Z" spar in mold

Cut and trim foam core

Cut fiberglass parts

Layup glass and foam core

Vacuum bag assembly


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